BlogWorld Backup Day: backup your data or become an April Fool

World Backup Day: backup your data or become an April Fool

Today, Tuesday 31st March 2020 is World Backup Day- an annual reminder to all business owners to backup your data, which is essential in a world where ransomware attacks are on the increase for businesses like yours and ours.  The only difference in opinion here is that at The PC Support Group we think that every day should be backup day.

So, on this officially dedicated backup day – let’s think about it for a moment.  Your company data is your most priceless asset – the information you hold about your customers, your products and services, your finances and your people.  And loss of just some of it for long enough will sink your business!  Did you know that according to the World Backup Day website:

  • 30% of people have never backed up their data
  • 113 phones are lost and stolen every minute
  • 29% of disasters are caused by accident
  • One in ten computers are infected with viruses every month.

Still not sure that backing up your data should be a priority, then read this blog to find out more reasons why backing up your data is a necessity and not a luxury.

Now you’re convinced, you need to consider what options there are for backing up your data, namely two – on-premise or in the cloud.  And here’s a useful article to find out the pros and cons of your data storage options bearing I mind that it’s about what is best for your business.

It’s also important to remember that, while cloud file sharing and storage solutions synch your data across multiple devices, this does not add up to a robust backup system. So, if you’re assuming that your cloud synching and sharing services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, are acting as your backup or are taking responsibility for automatically backing up all your data, then, please, think again!  If you are one of several businesses making this assumption, you’ll find this blog very useful indeed.

And not to forget, as your business develops, so will your data backup requirements. So it’s essential to periodically review your backup arrangements to make sure they reflect the needs of your business today.   Even if you’re happy with your back up processes, it’s a great idea to schedule regular reviews for peace of mind.

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