BlogWhy should IT Support be part of your business strategy?

Why should IT Support be part of your business strategy?

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Q. Why should IT Support be part of your business strategy?

A. Because your whole business may depend on it!

  • If you sell online through your company website or even just use email to receive orders or send quotes then downtime due to IT failure most certainly means lost sales and revenue
  • Unplanned IT support can be a quite hefty expense you hadn’t planned for!
  • Attempting to secure an IT expert to call out at short notice to fix a serious problem can be a problem in itself.
  • A serious data loss incident could put you out of business altogether
  • Slow or unreliable computers mean slow productivity and frustrated staff

 Q. What difference will IT Support make?

A. You will be able to plan properly, set a realistic support budget, prioritise the most important areas and anticipate future needs.

  • Ensure the people working on your IT support have full understanding of your business objectives so that they can evaluate where your IT systems fit in and how they will need to evolve.
  • Like insurance, IT Support can save your business from much larger losses if disaster occurs.
  • The right IT support can give you a distinct advantage in your market, bring overall cost savings and improve your business efficiency, ultimately helping to make your business more successful

Q. Should I outsource IT Support?

A. There can be many advantages to think about, including…

  • The salary for just one full-time member of IT support staff could be anything upwards of £25k, but outsourcing can be a small fraction of the cost of in-house staff.
  • Outsourcing means you don’t have HR issues, holiday and sickness cover to deal with and can afford you access to more Engineers, a greater range of skills and often for longer hours than an in-house team.
  • If the outsource team doesn’t perform you can quickly and easily change it. Changing in-house staff isn’t so simple.

Q. I’m not sure about being tied into a Support contract – what should I do?

A. Look for an IT Support Company that doesn’t tie you in because…

  • As your business changes, so will your IT Support requirements and it’s important to keep on top of this.
  • You may decide to move to a new IT Support company if you outgrow the one you are with or they don’t perform

Most businesses these days rely on IT and support is too important to leave to chance. As a bare minimum you need somewhere to go when problems occur. Good business IT Support is about more than just repairing faults or ‘troubleshooting’. The more diligent, like The PC Support Group, perform regular preventative maintenance on your IT systems, help you plan for the future, install new equipment and provide monitoring of back-ups and anti-virus amongst other things. Look for evidence that they provide great customer service.

Truly great IT Support can definitely help take your company where you want it to go.

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