BlogWhy is taking over 3 days to fix the average problem great customer service?

Why is taking over 3 days to fix the average problem great customer service?

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At The PC Support Group we’re always looking to improve the service we provide to our customers.

To achieve this we do a number of things:

  • we ask our customers what they like about our service and we do more of that and we ask what they don’t like and we try to stop doing that
  • we constantly review a streamline our processes
  • we measure certain key indicators and then look to improve on them

Recently we looked in detail at our average fix times for customer requests. I have heard various competitors refer to fix times in terms of 1 hour, 2 hours, etc so imagine my shock to find that our average fix time is over 3 days! I nearly hit the roof.

After I’d calmed down I started delving into why this was. We were measuring the average time from when a customer informs us about an issue or requirement to the time we close the call as complete.

The first and most obvious reason for such a long average was that these included requests for work that could take weeks such as setting up an entire office from scratch but that still didn’t explain everything.

The most significant point was that we train our staff to follow what we call our Service Excellence Cycle and this includes testing and checking that a problem is really solved and then asking the customer for a ‘declaration of satisfaction’.

What was happening was that our engineers where leaving the calls open for a few days and then calling back to ensure the problem hadn’t re-occurred and was really resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Our systems automatically prompt the engineers if the request is left open so this helps them when dealing with many issues.

After thinking about this I realised that this was fantastic customer service and that if we were to demand our average fix time to be in hours then our engineers would close calls as quickly as possible and wouldn’t perform the follow up. Why would I want that?

So our average fix time will remain in days and from our amazing customer feedback I know that’s what our customers want too.

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