BlogWhy is my internet connection so unreliable?

Why is my internet connection so unreliable?

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As an IT support provider we often come across internet connection problems with home based businesses and small businesses and these are down to many factors but one recurring issue is the use of “home” routers. I.E Those basic routers often given away by Internet Service Providers.

In most instances these are perfectly adequate for home use as they offer a reasonable performance at a reasonable price… usually free! But they are generally not made with the best hardware and therefore don’t always offer the best performance. It’s a bit like comparing a Mercedes S Class with a Ford Focus – they are both cars, both have engines, both have 4 wheels, both get you from A to B but the Mercedes can just do it all better and faster.

If a reliable and resilient internet connection is important to you as a business then here are our recommendations.

For home businesses or small businesses that are running 5 machines or less we recommend the Netgear DG834G ADSL router (for BT connections) or the Netgear WGR614 for cable connections (like Virgin). These have a very stable wireless connections and comply with the most up to date wireless encryption. Larger houses or houses with thick walls may need a wireless access point or a more powerful router for the signal to reach the around the house. A recommended wireless access point is a Draytek VigorAP 800 – again excellent signal, conforms to modern wireless encryption and is very stable.

For small businesses that have 5 or more computers (or running a server) we recommend a Draytek Vigor 2820n. This router is chock full of advanced features such as improved security, load balancing and other useful functionality normally only found on much more expensive routers. It also has a very powerful antenna for wireless connections and can handle the increased traffic flow of a busy office or home business with ease. Again, large houses/office may require a wireless access point as above.

For any “techies” reading this, you may be aware of more modern routers that include the very latest networking capabilities but we firmly believe that the routers above offer the most stable and reliable platform for small businesses at this time. In a few months we may well change our view. Such is the nature of technology!

If all this is just too much for you then just give us a call (0845 2233116) and we’ll be happy to help!

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