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What makes a good business partner?

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Any successful business needs good partners to compliment and support the core business.

It really doesn’t matter which line of business you’re in as there will always be certain tasks that are best left to the experts including some general business tasks such as accounting, tax, IT, HR or printing etc. In the case of The PC Support Group our specialism is, well PC Support, and therefore we like to work with specialists that complement our own business. Some examples include telecoms, cabling, webhosting & data recovery.

Whilst each and every business will work with different key partners I believe there are some common characteristics that should form an essential blueprint:

  • Trust – This is really a prerequisite before any kind of partnership can begin and in reality probably takes time
  • Reliability – If there is one thing that frustrates me it is unreliability (without being cliché, how many times have you been promised that someone will turn up and they don’t ?)
  • Flexibility – We all have rule books and we should try and stick to the plans BUT life is never that simple and customers sometimes change their mind or an unknown issues occur. A great partner will work WITH you to resolve the problem and not try deflect blame
  • Team Work – It is very easy to spot the task where two “partners” are working as two separate entities rather than a team. Coordination & Communication is key
  • Shared Values – There is no point in presenting yourself as a company who provides excellent service, value for money and quality products if you then partner with a company who does not share these values

The PC Support Group operate throughout the UK and are always keen to partner with local & national companies where they share our passion for these criteria.

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