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Using IT to become more efficient

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Perhaps a strange topic for an IT support blog… or is it?

There are many ways to become more efficient at work and I’m not going to start giving you lessons in productivity, time management or measurement. My solution is based around a simple solution that was inspired from when I used to visit London and watch the dealers at work trading currency, shares or commodities. Dual Screen!

What is Dual Screen?

Effectively it’s where you plug two monitors into a single computer so that you can view more information at the same time. The two screen actually behave like one large screen so you can open up a window and then drag it across onto one screen leaving you to open up another window on the other. If you often work with different software at the same time and find yourself getting frustrated with the wasted time of opening and closing windows then this could be the perfect solution for you.

What do you need? Here’s the techie bit… you need to purchase and fit a secondary graphics card. If this means nothing to you then just contact your local computer support company (like The PC Support Group) and they can sort it out.

How much will it cost?

You can purchase a decent graphics adaptor for £20 – £50 although beware that you can spend up to £400 (this is for the latest and greatest gaming adaptor and for normal work is not required).

What about the screen?

In my own case I have a 24” screen alongside a 19” screen giving me a great set up. I use the large screen for my main tasks and the smaller for secondary tasks such as leaving my Outlook email open.

Is my computer capable of doing this?

Windows XP or Windows Vista are both suited to the task and can work out of the box with dual screens. After that all you need is a simple graphics card (and we can always help you help you out with advice, purchase or fitting if required).

Here’s to more work in less time… leaving more time for play! Or perhaps just more work!

Angus Kerr – Computer Support Edinburgh

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