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A key part to our IT support at The PC Support Group is total focus on providing high levels of customer service and part of doing this is a policy of recommending Tier 1 suppliers when purchasing hardware. What difference does this make to our customers? Well this is best demonstrated by providing some feedback on my recent experiences.

Typically when purchasing hardware we look at machines from the likes of HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony or similar, which in most cases are slightly more expensive than brands like Acer, Mesh, Packard Bell, etc.

As part of a Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 installation there was a requirement for one server whilst another job required a number of high end “gaming” PCs. The Server was purchased from HP and at the request of the customer to save some money, the “gaming” PCs were purchased from one of the 2nd Tier manufacturers.

The HP Server unfortunately failed to power up and after phoning the supplier we were advised to phone HP directly. An HP technician then asked a number of pertinent questions to determine the cause of the failure and diagnosed a faulty power supply. The result – A new power supply was shipped out that day, it arrived the following day along with a return label for the broken unit.

RESULT – A fully functional computer in less than 2 days.

Comparing that with our experience of the Tier 2 supplier. Phone an 0871 premium number, wait up to 10 minutes, speak to someone who is obviously working from a standard script and after 2 days of tests we determine it is the memory. Wait four days to have a return label posted out after which we have to phone another 0871 premium number to arrange a courier to pick up the entire PC. After getting a slot two days later, the PC is picked up and after a further ten days the replacement is returned. That is almost THREE weeks after receiving the faulty unit.

Now maybe we have been unlucky but this is not unusual so we will continue with our policy, knowing that our customers will ultimately save time and money in the long term.

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