BlogTomatoes, teabags… tablet: Tesco announce their latest must-have for your shopping basket

Tomatoes, teabags… tablet: Tesco announce their latest must-have for your shopping basket

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Tesco are set to launch their competition for the increasingly popular tablet market as they aim to compete with major software giants including Apple.

If you thought there was no end to the supermarket’s ability to rival the major brands; you’d be right. Cheap clothing, low cost food brands and now a budget tablet.

But can the Hudl, as it is to be known, stand up to the pricier alternatives on the market?

Let’s get this straight. We’re not talking bargain basement here, the tablet costs £119. Even so, it should still attract a lot of interest from those still not wishing to shell out upwards of £300 for the privilege of surfing and browsing on the move.

Tesco’s tablet will run the latest version of Android, has a 1.5 GHz processor, an HD screen and expandable storage – so they obviously mean business.

The 7 inch screen and sharp 1440 x 900 resolution, provides a 243 pixels-per-inch rating, similar to devices such as the Apple iPad Mini. It also boasts a quad-core processor 16GB of storage and dual cameras.

Such impressive specifications mean that this device sits very comfortably with many of the other alternatives out there – models such as the Nexus and Kindle. And you can still access all the search sites, social media pages and online video facilities that you’d expect from any rival tablet.

What Tesco have been clever to do is tie-in their many other products with their new device. A simple tap on the “T” logo in the bottom corner of the screen will take you straight to the store’s services, such as online shopping and the Blinkbox on-demand film service; bought by the superstore giants a couple of years ago.

There’s no doubt Tesco is taking their role in the tablet world seriously, and their loyal customer base, combined with huge high street profile can only help with sales – especially when it comes to the extremely competitive Christmas market.

But it’s unlikely that this latest release will do anything to harm the dominant position of firms such as Apple. They have seen the iPad maintain a healthy position, despite the large price gap which exists with other Android tablets.

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