BlogStop accidentally running up huge bills on iTunes

Stop accidentally running up huge bills on iTunes

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Earlier this year it was reported by the BBC ( that a couple ran up a bill of nearly £2000 because their 5 year old son accidentally made in app purchases on their iPhone.

Most surprisingly was the fact that they had their iTunes account password protected and they thought they were safe. How did this happen and could it happen to you?

What you may have noticed is that once you enter your iTunes account password it remains active for 15 minutes without the need to enter the password again. That means that in this period anyone (including any nearby 5 year olds) can make further purchases without the need for the password.

If you want to avoid this here’s what to do…

On your iPhone or iPad go to the ‘Settings’ app and choose the ‘General’ option. Scroll down and select the ‘Restrictions’ option and then tap on ‘Enable Restrictions’ and enter a 4 digit Passcode.

Scroll down the screen to the option ‘Require Password’ which normally shows a default of 15 Minutes. Select this and change the option to ‘Immediately’ and then go back by selecting the ‘Restrictions’ button at the top left of the screen. The “Require Password” option should now say ‘Immediately’.

Job done!  Now your iPhone or iPad will prompt for the password again the very next time someone tries to download a chargeable app, rather than after a 15 minute free-for-all!



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