Telecoms & Mobile

Boost your productivity by aligning your telecoms, mobile and IT systems

Our unified communications give you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection. You’ll be able to access essential office information and tools without feeling tied down thanks to our rolling monthly contracts. Make your telecoms and mobile platform as simple as possible by using one supplier for all your telecoms and IT.

VoIP Telephone Systems

Transform and grow your business with this essential modern communication system. Reduce maintenance costs, improve customer service, and create a more professional team with sophisticated VoIP features.

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Mobile Phone Solutions

Improve productivity and system accessibility with integrated communications on your mobile devices. With an integrated business communications strategy, you’ll be able to take wireless payments, work more efficiently, and benefit from a single, unified communications network.

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Internet & Data Connectivity

A reliable solution that supports your business needs at all times and provides robust connectivity for quicker communication.

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Call Centre Telephone Systems

Our sophisticated call centre system is both comprehensive and scalable to meet the needs of the most demanding call centre environments. It allows you to answer and distribute incoming calls to specific team or users within your organisation efficiently. Features include call queue and status monitoring, agent performance statistics, automatic call distribution (ACD), in-depth call analytics, real-time wallboards and much more for seamless, reliable and hassle-free access to your call data. Contact us to discuss your specific call centre needs and our team will be happy to provide your ideal solution.

Business Continuity for SMEs. Protect your business using this six step guide

Business history is full of stories of successful SMEs, doing great things for customers, delivering rich rewards for owners and employees, and destined for long-term prosperity, that have been hit by a sudden trauma from which, in some extreme cases, they have been unable to recover.

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