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The PC Support Group will protect and enable you to achieve your business goals through our comprehensive and flexible services we offer. Additional services we can help you with include:

Hardware & Software Supply & Set Up

Choosing the right IT equipment is an important consideration for your business. Cheap solutions may create initial savings but in the longer term the lower performance and reliability could prove to be less cost effective. Making a poor purchasing decision with your computer equipment can have costly repercussions. We’re here to advise you on making the best decisions for your business and then source, deliver, implement and support it to maximise your investment.

Website & Domain Hosting

Why not make life as easy as possible for yourself by using one supplier for everything?
We can host your website on our servers which means we would store and manage all your website’s files as well as hosting your domain name on one of our hosting plans.

Managed Wifi

Our Managed WiFi service can provide you with a wireless network solution that provides seamless access and strong connection to a WiFi network. This includes procuring and installing equipment, ongoing management, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrades to the WiFi network as required so that everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of a managed WiFi solution includes improved performance, lower total cost of ownership, enhanced risk management and excellent support for you and your staff.

Mockups Design

Selecting the right IT Support and Service partner for your business.

Are you frustrated by ongoing computer problems or IT issues but don't know who to trust or even ask to help you to resolve them?

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