Data Protection & Recovery

Data is your company's most precious asset. How long could your business survive without it?

Every company relies on its critical data – how long would yours last if that data suddenly disappeared? Data storage and backup is central to business continuity. 90% of businesses experience some form of downtime due to inadequate data backup, and some of them will never recover: make sure you’re not one of them.

Managed Backup & Recovery

Our fully managed backup and recovery solutions are robust, secure and fully scalable to your business needs, whether they be local, off-site or in the cloud. Features include backups recoverable universally to any hardware, encrypted backups to the most secure advanced encryption standards (AES), Cloud backups to our ISO and SOC-2 certified servers and recoverable anywhere in the world. Contact us to discuss your specific backup or business continuity needs and our team will be happy to provide your ideal solution.

On-premise & Cloud Storage

There are pros and cons with both cloud and on-premise data storage and making the right decision for you depends on your own unique circumstances, your appetite for risk and what makes you most comfortable. We work with our clients to ensure their data is stored in the most appropriate place, achieving the perfect balance of cost, accessibility, compliance and security.

Cloud-to-cloud SaaS Backup

Safeguard your organisation’s Microsoft 365 Mail, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive and SharePoint data with our cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery service specifically designed for Microsoft 365. All protected with leading industry, security and compliance.

DR Planning & Testing

Many companies think about data backup but fewer consider how they will become operational again in the event of a system failure. Our disaster recovery planning and testing service will ensure that your business can recover data, restore business critical applications and continue operations following an emergency event. We can also utilise our extensive knowledge and access to services to help you with your organisation’s continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) planning process. Contact us to discuss how we can help protect your business.

Co-location Services

Investing in servers and software to run your IT infrastructure is just the start; you need to ensure that all your equipment and systems are correctly maintained, backed up, accessible and protected. Using co-location services can reduce costs and improve security by housing your servers at a dedicated data centre that provides the infrastructure and physical security to keep your deployment safe and operational. PCSG offers shared and dedicated co-location services via our world class UK partners so you can benefit from full control at a fraction of the cost.

Business Continuity for SME’s. Protect your business using this six step guide

Business history is full of stories of successful SMEs, doing great things for customers, delivering rich rewards for owners and employees, and destined for long-term prosperity, that have been hit by a sudden trauma from which, in some extreme cases, they have been unable to recover.

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