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Our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows users to access their full desktop environment on any device in any location.

You’ll quickly begin to depend on the remarkable flexibility offered by VDI’s. It also enables users to access systems and data on simpler and cheaper devices, reducing capital and maintenance costs. Other advantages of a virtual desktop environment include improved data security and a greater degree of standardisation and control.
Our extensive knowledge of virtual desktop systems means that we can advise on whether or not your business would benefit from a VDI. If it would, then we’re the most qualified people to recommend the best solution and implement it.

“The PC Support Group’s team was enormously patient with us, getting to know our business and explaining the different options that were available and the benefits of each. It was great to be able to plan this change with people who understood our needs and our existing systems, but who would also be involved in supporting our people once the solution had been implemented.”

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