BlogRolling the Dice… are you still gambling with your IT Systems?

Rolling the Dice… are you still gambling with your IT Systems?

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This week saw World Backup Day, so are you still gambling with your I.T?

When you left for work this morning did you lock up your home? Did you lock up your car in the car park or your cycle to the railings? Of course you did, after all you do’nt want anyone ransacking your home or stealing your transport do you? At work you may have a password on your computer, or codes to get you into various parts of the building.

What if I told you that you were still leaving the door wide open for a malicious attack that could literally cripple your business within hours?

Way back in February of 2013 I wrote a blog asking people not to be the hacker’s best friend and now it is time for a reminder. Since publishing that post, we have been approached nearly every week by a business whose website has disappeared or been pointed to another less than family-friendly site – the heart-breaker is that some of these are our clients, who we have regularly reminded to take backups and perform updates.

Let us be clear here, this relates to everything I.T. Your smartphone or tablet will probably automatically update most of its programmes (although it is worth checking regularly), but when it comes to your computer and your website, it really is imperative that they are kept up to date and it makes sense to get reputable help to do this.

This is simply because as fast as we plug one hole in a computer programme or website, the hackers and malicious attackers are looking for a new way to exploit our programmes and systems.

So what’s the worst case scenario?

Well if your website contains details of your clients including past orders and payment information this could be stolen to be misused elsewhere. Every product painstakingly added to your shop, every piece of text, every photograph, every testimonial, lost forever.

What about your computers? Your emails and all the information they contain now in the hands of a professional thief, those expensive programs some costing thousands, client details, projects, etc. Within a very short space of time your business and everything that makes it work could be lost.

You can gamble as many do, that you will not be the next one targeted, however the dice is loaded against you. The attackers have specialist tools forever searching for the next victim. So what are you going to do? Keep rolling the dice and hoping? As my kids would tell me, this really is a ‘no brainer’.

Most reputable web designers and I.T. support companies offer the peace of mind of secure back-ups for a fraction of the cost that it would be to rebuild your computer or website from scratch. Think of it like insurance, we get it with the hope that we will never need it, yet we sleep a lot sounder knowing it is there.

Guest Post by Peter Dean – Debayne Web Design – Weaving the Web your Way.

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