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Make Remote Working Right For Your Business

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In business you need to be there for your customers, come rain, hail or shine. Hours lost away from the office can mean missed deadlines, which can lead to lost clients. Your business needs to keep functioning and that’s exactly what remote working can deliver.

The ability to work effectively from almost any location is one of the biggest changes happening in workplaces today. Innovations in technology have been the greatest driver of this. Having access to systems, files and emails whilst away from the office brings a range of business benefits and cost savings – from increased productivity and greater staff motivation to more effective use of time.

Many companies have stayed away from remote working in the past, this is particularly true of smaller businesses that think it is expensive and difficult to implement. Ironically smaller businesses stand to gain the most from flexible working.

Working away from the office used to mean either copying files to your laptop or logging in to a terminal server which was housed, expensively, back at the office.  Advances in technology means this is no longer the case. The introduction of Cloud Computing and faster, more reliable internet connections is changing the way we view and use IT.

By moving to Cloud based computing, you can log on to your work computer system from anywhere, whether you are at a hotel, café or home.  This allows you to have remote access to your office systems from virtually anywhere, whilst still having the reassurance that the data remains secure.

Employees can store and share files with each other using an online file sharing service. Such services act as a virtual folder on the user’s desktop or mobile device, allowing files to be ‘dropped’ in an online storage folder to be accessed again later from anywhere. These kind of applications are one of the most widely used web applications among small businesses, with more than 1 million organisations now using file sharing applications to store documents and share information across the business.

Collaborative working can also be enhanced using services such as Google Apps – a suite of applications that brings together essential services to help businesses, including; Email, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. These tools allow multiple employees to organise schedules and view and work together on a single document at the same time. Google Apps require no additional hardware or software creating time and cost savings for your businesses.

In addition to being able to access work on files from anywhere, you can also install Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that enable you to make and receive business calls over internet connections. This means these phones become part of the office network with all the abilities to transfer calls, and pick up voicemails. Using software applications such as Skype can further enhance communications by offering text chat, as well as allowing users to communicate and conduct free audio and video conferencing with up to five work colleagues.

The technology behind remote working is getting cheaper every year making it an attractive option for employers. So whatever the reason behind a decision to provide remote working, there’s now a range of technologies designed to keep small businesses connected and working, no matter what.

By using the latest remote control technology we ensure wherever you are, your business remains fully supported. For more information about how remote working can help you, call us on 0845 221133.

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