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Pro-active IT Support Taken To New Levels

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The PC Support Group has always put investment in the best people and the best technology at the heart of everything we do.

Kaseya, for example, is our highly sophisticated support and management system, typically only deployed across large corporations, but we have brought this technology to the SME market, enabling us to be more pro-active and spot potential problems even before our customers are aware of them – and before they cause damage!

As with all software, the key to maximising its use and making the greatest gains is to ensure that staff are fully trained in its use and it’s to this end that our Remote Management and Automation Engineer, Carl Sutton, recently undertook a course specifically in advanced Kaseya techniques.

Carl has successfully passed his course exam and is now a proud member of KCA’s (Kaseya Certified Administrators). Carl is one of the small band of highly qualified Kaseya Engineers in the UK. All our superb Engineers take reactive calls from our Customers and manage any alerts that we get from our monitoring systems whilst Carl focuses on developing the scripts that do the monitoring and create those alerts. He also creates great self-healing routines where a common issue can be fixed instantly and automatically by our powerful support system.

“It’s been a very interesting time” said Carl, “involving a lot of hard work and additional hours, to understand a fantastic product that our business is so familiar with and dependent upon. During my training I have learned so much about the full capability of Kaseya and I look forward to implementing my new skills and knowledge of the system. It will also be great to help our fantastic team of Engineers to understand even more features that Kaseya offers, knowing that this will mean we can give our customers an even better service, which is something we are constantly striving for”.

Phil Bird, Managing Director of The PC Support Group added “Needless to say – investment in our staff as well as our technology pays dividends for our clients too! The developments that Carl is qualified to create will continue to further lessen IT problems for our customers as well as speeding up our reaction times to a new level of efficiency.”

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