BlogWhat is IT Outsourcing and why should you consider it?

What is IT Outsourcing and why should you consider it?

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IT Outsourcing is an extremely effective way for businesses to either fill a skills gap that they don’t have within their organistion, or when a support function can be delivered more effectively and more cheaply by a third party.

Outsourcing as a concept has been around for years and could be traced back to the early days of manufacturing where external companies and individuals were employed to produce specialist components. These days, the same principle is used but for a whole host of services such as marketing, HR and especially IT support.

If you or your company is having IT issues, this is where IT outsourcing can come to your aid. So, what are the real advantages of outsourcing?

Expert knowledge

Outsourcing your IT needs enables your company to seek out and benefit from experts who have experience in the areas that nobody else can offer.

If you are a company that specialises in something completely unrelated to IT, you may well not have a dedicated IT support team – which is completely understandable – so outsourcing IT makes a great deal of sense. And even if you do have an internal team, outsourcing can often give you access to a whole team of experts rather than relying on one or two people internally – which can be risky.

Cost effective

You may be surprised to learn that outsourcing IT can help your business save money. The fact is, if you outsource your IT requirements, it means you won’t need to employ full-time IT support staff and resources can be spent on other areas of your business.

It’s been shown that even very small businesses can make substantial cost savings by outsourcing their IT over recruiting an internal IT engineer.

Short-term solution

Many large companies use outsourcing to fill roles in their organisation that would be too expensive or inefficient to create themselves.

While smaller companies also turn to outsourcing the cost saving is sometimes diminished – yet it still tends to be the cheaper option than a complete recruitment overhaul. Effectively, this means that you can use IT outsourcing as a kind of quick fix to your computer problems, without enduring the process of recruiting, hiring, training and creating contracts.

Time efficient

Every manager has limited time and attention to spend on projects. Outsourcing can help your company stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT issues and decisions. That’s what the company providing the outsourcing is there for – often around the clock.

Compete with your larger rivals

If your company doesn’t have the resources to compete with bigger firms, outsourcing your IT support to a reputable company can level the playing field, meaning you are benefitting from the same level of knowledge and support as your larger competitors and usually at a more reasonable price.

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