BlogMobile Phone Insurance… Are you covered?

Mobile Phone Insurance… Are you covered?

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My story…

Back in 2008 I was attracted to the Blackberry and over the last year have found it to be a brilliant business tool. Saying that, Apple have now got their act together and extended coverage to Orange, Vodafone and even Tesco.

Last month I accidently left me phone in the bathroom where it had the misfortune of getting rather wet – so much so that the keyboard started behaving strangely. No matter what I did (sticking on top of boiler, drying with cloth and even covering in rice it would not return to its former glory).

Never mind I thought, I’ll get a new one through my contract – no such luck as it was water damaged and this is not covered (they know because a little pad inside the phone turns red)…

Plan B was to use my mobile phone insurance that was provided as part of my Royalties account at RBS… “Sorry Sir but we don’t cover BlackBerry’s.”…

The Morale…

  • Don’t get your phone wet!
  • Check your insurance policy (most don’t cover a Blackberry or iPhone)

So What Now?

My contract is due in 2 months and I then have the opportunity to get a new phone. Saying that I really rely on my Blackberry and have to thank Tony at Veecom ( for saving the day by lending me a phone until renewal. What a star!

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