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Lycos close down web hosting operations

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It seems that the demise of one of the original successful web businesses has gone under the radar of most people.

Lycos Inc. (a well known name way before Google was even a glint in Lary Page’s or Sergey Brin’s eyes) stopped all the mail and hosting services on the 15th February 2009.

This marks a big change since Lycos was sold in 2004 for £52M

Many businesses use third parties such as design companies to arrange their web site hosting so they may have their email services or web site hosting through Lycos and not even realise the implications.

If you have lost your web site or email service then you should check whether Lycos was hosting them. If they are then contact a company who can arrange to host your services in the future such as The PC Support Group and then go to and follow the instructions.

It’s vital that you do this as soon as possible to avoid loss of service for any length of time.

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