BlogHow to follow your favourite blogs with ease

How to follow your favourite blogs with ease

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If you’re like me you’ll often discover interesting or useful blogs but you just know that you don’t have time to keep visiting each one in the future to keep track of the latest updates.

Even if you can subscribe to an email update (which isn’t always the case) you know that it will only be a matter of time before you start to receive those annoying emails that you didn’t subscribe to.

I’ve recently discovered a great web site that helps you manage your blogs without these problems. It’s called bloglovin’.

Bloglovin’ allows you to get automatic updates from all of your favourite blogs exactly as you want. So, if you like to know about a new posting on every blog as it happens then you can choose to receive an email instantly. However, if like me you would rather receive one email with all the updates then you can choose to receive one email a day with a list of the updates. Alternatively you can select to receive no emails and simply login to your account to see a summary of your favourite blogs.

Tracking and managing interesting blogs is so much easier.

To try it simply go to and sign up.

And don’t forget to add our blog to your favourites!

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