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Game Review – Left 4 Dead

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A game for lovers of the Zombie genre, think Dawn remake or 28 days, although the Romero purist may argue that Dawn (2004) was rubbish and 28 days are infected rather than zombies.

This is a game that puts you in the position of the survivor, as you make your way through hazardous terrains to get to the security of a safe room and eventually to some other survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

This is one of the few co-op games out there where you have to work together as a team (though single payer with bots is available but it’s just not the same). The beauty of the game lies in the group dynamics. Are you the type to lay down covering fire or run into a crowd of zombies? Do you choose to heal yourself or heal a partner?

Add to this the ultra violence of killing as many zombies as possible and the tongue in cheek humour of a B (or Z) movie – including the movie poster while the game loads and the end credits (the movie is dedicated to the ones who did not survive). It even tells you how many Zombies were harmed during the making of the movie (the highest I achieved was 1700 Zombies)!

This is a great game- a dream for a zombie lover- but short lived. Each level takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete – adrenalin packed though it may be – and there are only 4 levels at present… although the replay value comes from playing online and the maker, Valve, has mentioned additional levels in the form of downloadable content (free add-on, hopes this reviewer).

A Game that deserves 9.5 out of 10, but because of the lack of levels it will have to make do with 8.5.

Personally, I think this game is great- a fun way to kill an hour of your time and a few zombies too! I have to admit that I am looking forward to Resident Evil 5 – released 13th March (today), for which I will be writing a review of in the coming weeks. That is, if I can put it down for long enough to write it.

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