BlogDoes a start-up or small business need computer support?

Does a start-up or small business need computer support?

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By Guest Blogger Peter Dean of Debayne Web Design

When setting up a new business the emphasis is often on costs. Thanks to the recent re-emergence of EU funding, there may be some help available and many small banks are now onside offering free banking whilst you find your feet – even small loans to help you on your way.

Because the focus in these early days is often on watching every penny going in and out, there is a temptation to ignore or skate around some issues that, in time, could prove to be a huge blow to the business. One such potential issue is that of protecting the data stored on computers.

When you think of it, many business computers get rather a bad deal, every day they pop into life and perform all of the many tasks that you throw at them with ease and precision, day in day out, many for years at a time.

Then comes the day that you switch on your trusty machine and nothing happens. You frantically rush around the office checking power supplies and perhaps try a different monitor in the hope that it is only the screen that has ‘died’.  A cold feeling begins to settle on you, you may get angry and curse that infernal box (which as mentioned above, has been serving you for many years up until now) or you may sit, trying the power button for a few minutes in the vain hope that something will happen.  But still it sits mute.

For many businesses this is the point when they realise just how much they rely on that computer:-

  • The CRM system that took years to populate,
  • Hundreds of email correspondences stored away for ‘safe keeping’,
  • The information about staff, wages, banking and suppliers, products and services,
  • Data for the new website,

All now unreachable in a silent box.  They may still have a few contacts on their mobile phone and a few bits on a tablet, but this is nothing compared to what is suddenly beyond their reach.

Unfortunately for many, this is the only time when they think that perhaps they should have protected all of their work, their business, from this very problem.  It has to be pointed out here that if the hard drive on the machine has failed, then there is a good chance that all of this important data is lost forever.

These blogs have, in the past, talked about making back-ups and those of you who are doing these regularly can take a huge sigh of relief here, as everything is not lost. There is still the point however that you must now source a new machine (or repair the existing one), install all of your programs and replace all of those back-ups.  All of this is going to take a lot of time and depending on your level of expertise, may involve getting additional help from a local computer shop who may charge you the earth simply because you know no better. This additional time spent away from your business may cause serious problems and may even cause your clients to start looking elsewhere whilst you run around trying to sort your machine out. Imagine all of that additional stress!

Whether you rely on one or one hundred computers in your business, their upkeep should not be ignored and never taken for granted.  Wouldn’t it be better if when your computer finally fails, you can just pick up the phone and call your trusted IT Support Company to sort everything out for you?  So this comes back full circle to our title for this post – Do I need Computer Support? Our answer has to be –  do you prefer the alternative?


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