O2 SIM's with no limits - £17.99 per month

Our best ever O2 business mobile SIM comes with a rolling monthly contract & unlimited data, SMS & voice calls

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Voice Calls
  • Unlimited SMS

Unlimited minutes, SMS & data

This offer has significant savings on comparable business SIM packages

30 day rolling contracts

A rolling 30 day contract gives you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind, with no long contract tie-in

Inclusive EU roaming & selected worldwide roaming

Clear and flexible usage abroad compliments unlimited usage in the UK, with RLAH (Roam Like At Home)

The benefits of partnering with The PC Support Group and O2 for the best business mobile tariff available:

  • Unlimited** Inclusive Standard Minutes, SMS and Data* – ridiculously generous allowances for your business mobile calls, texts and data usage in the UK
  • No contract tie-in – ultimate flexibility and peace of mind with a rolling 30-day contract; no lengthy contract tie-in
  • Just £17.99 + VAT per month – significant savings on comparable business mobile phone tariffs.
  • Roam Like At Home – with inclusive EU roaming as standard and selected Worldwide Roaming (with World Travel Select***) you’re all set for business travel
  • Not a client of The PC Support Group? – not a problem! This offer is open to everyone, not just our clients
  • Not currently with O2? – don’t worry, migration from any provider to the O2 network is a quick, simple process, and you can keep your existing mobile number
  • Available for 5+ SIM’s – this special deal is available for businesses requiring five or more mobile SIM’s

Enquire about our O2 SIM's with unlimited data, minutes & SMS by completing the form below or calling 03300 886 116

    Our business mobile O2 SIM’s with unlimited data, minutes & SMS offer:
    * Inclusive standard allowances are available for use in UK, EU and in selected worldwide destinations in line with WTS / TravelPlus.
    ** Subject to fair usage policies. These tariffs are intended for use with smartphones and data only devices (MBB only). Where users regularly tether to 12 or more devices or have used 650GB of data twice within a 6 month period then we may investigate to ascertain whether your unlimited data usage is in line with standard use and our Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) policy. In the event it is determined that usage is for non-standard purposes then we reserve the right to adjust the plan or to terminate the agreement. In addition, whilst roaming outside of the UK on unlimited data plans, and within standard inclusive or daily roaming destinations, usage is capped at 25GB per month and roaming restrictions may be applied.
    *** World Travel Select allows users full access to their UK bundles and allowances whilst roaming worldwide and is chargeable at an additional £5.50 per day exc. VAT. Further information regarding applicable countries and restrictions is available on request.