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The Seven Deadly Sins of IT Support Companies

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Does your IT Support ensure your systems are good enough OR do they ensure that they are actually giving you a competitive advantage?

If something goes wrong – do you rest assured that you have an IT support partner you can rely on?

Not sure?  Then consider these seven signs that mean it’s time to consider a new IT support partner…

1. You only talk to your IT Support when something goes wrong

A good IT support firm will perform preventative maintenance to reduce the chance of things breaking in the first place. You should feel able to turn to them for advice whenever you need it – do you have unlimited telephone contact during each working day all in with the price of your contract?

In short, they should be more than The Emergency Service for your business-critical computers. If they’re not, you can almost certainly get better value elsewhere.

 2. The IT Company don’t return your calls, BUT their Invoices arrive very promptly!

This is a pretty clear sign that you’ve moved from being the client they need to impress to being the client they can count on to keep paying the bills.

Maybe your support firm is overworked and it’s a temporary blip while they expand.  Or perhaps they’re focusing on new business to the detriment of your service. Either way, it’s time to have a chat with them – and if it’s not resolved – start looking elsewhere.

 3. You can’t get hold of them when you need them

It’s not uncommon for people work longer than the traditional 9-5 these days and sometimes that IT emergency is going to hit before 9am, or after 5pm, or even at the weekend!  Does your IT support company have extended hours for emergencies?

 4. When everything seems to be “extra”

If you’re being told that things like connecting a mobile phone to your PC or sorting out a printer issue will cost you “extra” then you’re finding hidden costs and your bill can be mounting up.

 5. It’s never their problem…

And they always point you to another supplier like your internet provider or software provider and you bounce around in the middle getting nowhere.  Surely, a good IT Support Company should feel like they partner with you – like they are your own IT Dept.  They should be offering to make those calls for you at no extra cost – not leaving you playing tennis and passing on techno-jargon you may not understand or want to get involved in.

 6. They don’t seem to embrace new technology

Business IT is a fast-changing world. If your support company refuses to support new technology like smart phones, tablets or cloud services, you need to find a supplier that will.

These new technologies aren’t going away and can bring huge benefits to your business.

 7. At the end of your contract, they want to tie you in for another long period of time

It’s time to ask the question “why do I need to be tied into a contract?” If your IT Support Company is giving you the level of excellence you need and deserve – you’re not going to leave them!  If a long service contract makes that particular alarm bell ring, look for a no-tie-in contract with a company that knows they have to work hard and smart to keep your custom!

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