BlogThe 10 worst cloud computing outages in 2014

The 10 worst cloud computing outages in 2014

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Cloud systems are generally very robust but they are fallible. As we look forward to ushering in the New Year – let’s take a look back at what are probably the 10 Worst Cloud Outages of 2014

  1. Dropbox Goes Down … 10th January – Within 3 hours the service was back up and running!
  2. Gmail Interrupted… 24th January – This outage lasted less than an hour, but it did raise questions about Google’s ability to handle cloud outages.
  3. Basecamp Attacked … 24th March – Hackers attacked project management application Basecamp and shut it down for about 2 hours when they submitted bogus Basecamp requests to flood the Basecamp network.
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud Made Unavailable …. – May 14th and 15th – Photographers, students and small and medium-sized business could access the cloud-based creative services for a 24-hour period.
  5. Internap Outage … May 16th – Hybrid Internet hosting solutions company Internap (INAP) suffered a data centre outage. At least 20 Internap customers lost service, including streaming video platform Livestream.
  6. Joyent’s East Coast Data Centre Fails… May 27th – When the Cloud services provider data centre shut down the company said the minimum downtime for customer instances was 20 minutes, and the maximum was 149 minutes.
  7. Evernote Targeted by Hackers … June 10th  – This Evernote outage lasted at least 10 hours when a massive attack (DDoS) against Evernote servers left many users in the dark.
  8. iCloud Outage Affects 0.1% of Users… July 14th – When iCloud Mail stopped working, Apple said the incident ultimately affected 0.1 percent of all iCloud Mail users.
  9. Google Drive Slows Down… October 14th  – Since this incident, when Google Drive went down for several hours, Google said it is focused on making “continuous improvements” to its cloud storage and file backup service.
  10. Microsoft Azure Storage Services Outage Affects Users Worldwide -This is the most recent cloud outage of 2014, lasting roughly 11 hours, but it but could it be the last one of the year? Microsoft is said to be already taking steps to prevent another cloud outage from happening. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jason Zander has apologised to Azure Storage customers for the outage and pointed out that his company is investigating the incident. “When we have an incident like this, our main focus is rapid time to recovery for our customers, but we also work to closely examine what went wrong and ensure it never happens again”

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